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Centurion Driveline Management Tray DM535

Product Description

This Centurion driveline management tray contains the following items:

1 ea   ST drape  16″ x 24″

1 ea  island dressing with notched tape 3″ x 5″

3 ea  securement dressing with film 3.75″ x 2.25″

2 ea  alcohol prep pad large

2 ea  Chloraprep One-Step 3ml

2 ea  gauze sponge nonwoven 6-ply 2″ x 2″ ST

2 ea  NS drain sponge

2 ea  saline wipe 6″ x 4″

10 ea  gauze sponges 8-ply 4″ x 4″

1 pr.   lg polychloroprene PF gloves ST

1 pr.  med. polychoroprene PF glove ST

1 ea  hand sanitizer instant packet 1.5 ml

2 pr  large polychloroprene PF gloves cuffed

2 ea  earloop masks

2 ea  bouffant caps

This item may be billed to patient insurance.  It can also be sold to individuals or to home health agencies.  Please call for assistance.






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