Medicaid Patients

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Wound Care Resources™ is constantly working to gain in-network provider status in state Medicaid programs for the purpose of billing VAD supplies.

Upon receiving an order, WCR™ will contact the patient’s state Medicaid program to determine his/her dressing and supply benefits. Patients will receive a personal phone call from a member of the WCR™ support team to discuss insurance coverage before any supplies are shipped. Products not covered by Medicaid may be purchased through our distributor company Wound Care Resources™ Sales at deeply discounted pricing.

All orders to be billed to Medicaid begin with a completed Wound Care Resources™ order form signed by the patient’s doctor. This form and a copy of patient demographics should be faxed to us by a member of the patient’s VAD team.

*WCR™ can sometimes obtain an authorization to bill a state Medicaid without having in-network provider status.